Aulani Guide


Excellent job selling Aulani to your client’s this booking is a little easier to manage that a Disney World Vacation, but there are some important dates and information that you will want to relay to your clients to help them not to miss anything.


Just like any other Disney Destination, your client’s reservation will need to be added to their Aulani Account.  If your client already has a Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, Shop Disney, My Disney Experience, etc.  login tied to their email, they can use the same one for Aulani.  Adding a reservation follows similar prompts as other Disney Destinations.  You will need the lead guest’s confirmation number, the reservation number and the check-in date.

You can link the reservation at both on the computer and in the app.  Once logged in on the computer, you will click “Retrieve Reservation” at the top of the screen to the left of the name. On the next screen, you will click “Link New Reservation”. Follow the prompts to enter the guest’s information. (Pictured Above)


You can use the app.  I think its easier to navigate the app for this.  When you open the app, you will click on “Retrieve Reservation” under the “Welina, Client’s Name” greeting.  Follow the prompts to enter the guests information. (Pictured Left)


You will want to make these important dates on your calendar and make sure that you let your clients know as well. 

180 days before your visit: Window opens for booking the Luau

90 days before your visit: Window opens for booking Kid’s Clubs and Cabanas

30 days before your visit: Window opens for Dining Reservations

10 day before your visit: Online Check-In is available. Clients should receive an email from Disney at 5 days out if they have not completed it.

About 3 days before: Other activities are first come first serve, but start appearing in the app a couple of days before.


There is so much to do in Hawaii and for some travelers, it’s a once in a lifetime trip.  Whether your clients go often or this is their only visit, we highly recommend renting a car while they are there. You will want to offer your clients the following things:

Rental Cars or Transportation: The easiest thing to do is to add a car rental to your reservation in the quote.  The benefit for you is the convenience of it being tied to one reservation number.  The benefit for your client is that it reduces the deposit amount at the time of booking.  Here is the link for for Parking and Transportation from Disney’s Website. However, be sure that you add the rental to the Aulani Reservation or add it though Agent Universe to get commission. Also, please note that there is an overnight parking fee when a guest has a car.  You will want to be sure that your client knows in advance. Alternatively, you can also go to Agent Universe through Travel Leaders and look under preferred vendors to see additional car rental options. 

Tours and Excursions:  If your clients want to leave and tour the island, you can look up external tours at Viator. Viator will give you a link to send to your clients to book.  They can book now and pay later.  If they book, Viator will send you and your client an email. Be sure that you are suggesting tours on the correct island.

Travel Protection: You can add travel protection to the reservation, but provide your clients the information on what it covers.  You can also quote external travel insurance through Chubb.


Final Payment

Final Payment will depend on how it is booked.  If you booked just the room, it will be a room only.  You will process the deposit, and then final payment will be due upon arrival.  If you added a rental car, travel protection or both, it will be considered a package.  Final payment will be due 30 days before arrival